glFusion v1.7.1 - The Evolution Continues...

glFusion, the next generation content management system built on the foundation of synergy, stability, and style.

Better Style

  • The CMS Theme - A versatile and flexible UIKIT based layout.
  • Improved WYSIWYG editor integration - See the styles available from the theme in the editor.
  • Pure CSS driven layout - Search Engine friendly and provides a more accessible web site, aiding visually impaired users.
  • HTML5 Compliant
  • Additional authoring styles - Improves the look and feel of your stories.

Better Usability

  • Caching Template Library - Speed and Scalability
  • Integrated Menu Builder
  • Integrated Logo management
  • Integrated Security Features
    • CAPTCHA Plugin
    • Bad Behavior2 Plugin
  • Integrated Collaboration Tools
    • Forum Plugin
    • File Management Plugin
    • Media Management Plugin

glFusion, the next generation content management system built on the foundation of synergy, stability, and style. It provides a complete content management solution in a single package that lets you get your site up and running quickly, without having to search for 3rd party plugins or components.

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News and Announcements Welcome to glFusion 01/09/2018 06:10 am

What Can You Do with glFusion?

General News

glFusion gives you the ability to quickly and easily setup a web site complete with extras like forums, CAPTCHA support, calendaring, and full file and media gallery management solutions.  Check out the Quick Start Guide for more information. Features of your glFusion site include:

  • Integrated Menu Builder - Allowing you to change the site menu using an online editor.
  • Direct integration of the CKeditor WYSIWYG editor with your theme's styles.  See exactly how your story will look as you type it.
  • Pre-installed plugins, bringing additional functionality and enhanced security:
    • Bad Behavior2 - A great tool that blocks bot attacks, spam bots, and other threats from the Internet.
    • CAPTCHA - Ensures that humans are the only ones entering content on your site.
    • Forum - A community collaboration and discussion tool.
    • FileMgmt - A complete File Manager for your site.
    • Media Gallery - A complete multi-media manager.
  • glFusion gives you a true XHTML compliant site with a pure CSS driven layout.  The design is SEO optimized (search engine friendly) and is also more accessible by screen readers and other assistance tools used by the visually impaired.
  • Better documentation - the glFusion community has published a full users guide to glFusion - Check out the online wiki at

Welcome to your new site, we hope you enjoy using it as much as we did assembling the software to drive it!

The glFusion Team

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Are you secure?


This is a reminder to secure your site once you have glFusion up and running. What you should do:

  1. Change the default password for the Admin account.
  2. Remove the install directory (you won't need it any more).
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